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When is the best time to schedule a maternity session? Maternity sessions are best held when you are around 34 weeks. These can be done on location.

When should I book my newborn session? Newborn sessions are ideally held between 3-10 days after birth, when babies are still sleeping for a significant portion of the day. Ideally, your newborn session will be booked as early as possible. With newborn sessions, you should aim to book based on your expected due date. Then, when the baby actually arrives, Jodi will re-confirm the actual appointment date. Capturing your baby after the suggested time is still fine, just when you also feel comfortable. They grow so quickly and all stages are amazing!!

How long does a session last? Sessions last between 60-90 mins

Do you do Gift Vouchers? Yes, I do gift vouchers. There is something special about giving a friend or family member everlasting memories, which is exactly what a gift voucher from Jodi Bouma Photography will do. You can simply phone or email me your request and a gift voucher will be posted either directly to you or to the recipient after payment is processed.

Where is the session held? Newborn sessions may either be held in the convenience of your own home or location. If you choose to have the session at your home, the ideal room would be a room with lots of daylight.

What if the baby just won’t settle? There is plenty of time allocated to these sessions to allow for whatever measures are required to settle the baby and no-one needs to feel rushed or anxious.

When and how do I pay? 50% of the total package is required to secure your date. Payment can be made by direct deposit/internet transfer. The final payment needs to be made at least 2 weeks before your session date.

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